At Raeburn we are committed to continuously improving the quality and longevity of our pumping systems.

Our dedicated team work closely with manufacturers to ensure we are installing and utilising the most up-to-date pumping systems on the market.

Our above ground industrial GRP housing design was introduced back in 2010 and allowed us to confidently install electronic control systems without the concern of dampness or flooding. Where flow rates are capable, this enables us to use inverter driven, constant pressure control systems – eliminating the requirement for holding tanks and secondary pumping. Raeburn’s GRP housing systems are secure, fully insulated and complete with a thermostatic frost heater.

There are of course areas by which concrete manhole chambers, sheds, or purpose-built enclosures are more appropriate. However, this tends to be mainly when there is a requirement for water filtration systems. Regardless of the design our extensive resources provide us with the capability to install whatever system is fit for purpose.

Raeburn can also provide a comprehensive borehole restoration service. This involves resorting older systems and bringing them in line with a modern-day standard, or simply replacing the pumping system with something more current. If you would prefer to install the systems yourself, we can build the relative parts and ship them to you for self-installation – please contact our team for more information.

On commercial application Raeburn can provide guidance and assistance with SEPA with regard to pump testing schedules. If you require pump testing please contact our team directly with the desired specification.

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