What is a domestic supply and what are the benefits?

The main purpose of a domestic supply is to provide a sustainable water supply to properties without access to the main water grids. It may be that you are building a new property and the costs of piping the supply are too high, or that you have an existing spring supply that has diminished and is unreliable during dry weather spells.

The benefit of drilling a domestic supply is that you are completely independent and do not have to rely on springs or groundwater supplies recharged by rainfall. A private water supply can add value to your property or even a plot if you are planning to develop.

How does it work?

The first step towards your new supply is to arrange a call with one of our professionals. There is no charge involved in this and it allows us to understand your requirements and recommend an appropriate course of action.

This generally involves guiding you down the route of obtaining a geological report to understand the probability of finding water on your property and at what depth. When you receive your report we can then proceed with sending you an estimate. Geological reports are not essential but are strongly advised.

Upon acceptance you will be allocated a Project Manager who will be available over the telephone throughout the service journey.

We install our wells in accordance with the S.E.P.A guidelines, with sealed well head units, gravel packs and sanitary seals. We believe that it is imperative to construct the borehole correctly, especially if it is a drinking water supply.

We also offer a range of domestic boosting pumps that are suitable where water supplies are present but pressure is poor.

If you are unsure or would like to discuss your requirements we would love to hear from you. You can call us between 7am - 5pm Monday - Friday, send us an e-mail, or leave your details via the LiveChat facility.

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